British Magical Champion

Matt McGurk is an award-winning magician, member of the Magic Circle, and one of the most sought-after Illusionists in the UK.

With over ten ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards to his name, including the title of British Magical Champion, as well as a plethora of television appearances, Matthew is fast becoming a global star, famed for his outstanding sleight-of-hand tricks and incredible illusions.


Matthew began to hone his craft under the tutelage of Magic Circle veterans, and he was eventually crowned ‘Young Magician of the Year’ by the Magic Circle in London, The world’s oldest and most prestigious magical society. He began to compete at any given chance and won numerous awards for both his magic on-stage, and as a close up magician.


After graduating from university with a degree in theatre in 2002, Matthew began to work as a corporate magician, performing for high-profile clients like BMW, Orange, Metaflow Technologies Royal Bank of Scotland, Iveco, and Mercedes.

Cruising for Success

Eventually Matthew was invited to appear on the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise liners, receiving top billing on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity,  Oceania, Regent and other elite six-star cruise ships.

Magic Coach

When not performing, Matt loves to teach, and has hosted hundreds of workshops worldwide teaching beginners the art of magic. He has been lectured at the world famous Magic Circle in London. When not holding live workshops he has over 8000 students through his online magic course teaching people how to do magic tricks. Click the link for more information.