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A Wedding Magician to Make Your Day Truly Unforgettable

What better way to celebrate the happiest day of your life than with a once-in-a-lifetime performance from one of the top Wedding Magicians in London and the UK? Matthew has vast experience in providing outstanding wedding magic and tailoring his act to ensure it sets the tone for an evening of magic, charm, romance and celebration.

A Wedding Magician Will Be the Icing on the Cake

A Wedding Magician or Close up Magician, may not be the first thing on your mind when your thinking about your perfect day. After all, there is so much to plan and organise. Your nervous because all your nearest and dearest are going to be there and you want everything to be perfect.

Believe it or not, a Wedding magician may just be the icing on the cake that will ensure your guests are going to have an amazing time and be talking about your for Wedding years to come.

Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

Large weddings often involve the bride and groom’s friends and families meeting for the first time – and wedding magicians are a fantastic way to break the ice and get them talking! If your guests haven’t met before, they’ll be united in awe at Matthew’s Close up Magic performed right at their table, and they’re guaranteed to have something to chat about all night long – "How did he do that?!"

You're also going to get some amazing wedding photographs of people with hilarious expressions of surprise and delight on their faces! A Wedding magician will make your photographers job so easy and get you some great shots for the Wedding album!


The Best Times for a Wedding Magician to Perform

Keeping your guests constantly entertained throughout such a long day will be one of your priorities, but also can be a bit of a challenge.

You certainly don’t want them to get bored, (not that they would ever be bored at the wedding of the year!)

If your wedding is an all-day affair, it’s likely your guests will have some waiting around to do at key points in the day. These are the best times to use a wedding magician, to keep your guests entertained and have those little transitional moments fly by!

After the Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony is a great time to have a Close up Magician perform as there is usually a period of time when during which photographs are taken of the immediate family of the Bride and Groom. Having a Wedding magician to amaze your other guests is a great idea to keep them entertained whilst this happens.

As a Greeting at the Reception

After the wedding will be the wedding reception, and this is a perfect opportunity for the Wedding Magician to meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the reception, amazing them with unbelievable magic until they are ready to go through to the wedding breakfast.

During the Courses at the Wedding Breakfast

Having a Close up Magician perform during the courses at the wedding breakfast helps to break the ice on the table, where your guests may first meet and be sat with each other for a long time. It gets everyone enjoying themselves right from the start of the dinner. It also provided your guests with non-stop entertainment as they wait for the next delicious course to arrive.

Wedding Magician Packages

If much of your budget has gone into the dress, the venue and the food, never fear – Matthew has a number of Wedding Magic packages to suit any budget.

Wedding Magician Silver Package
This package includes two hours of close-up magic, with Matthew visiting each table at your wedding breakfast, performing some impromptu illusions and sleight of hand magic between the courses. If you need more or less than two hours, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we can tailor-make a package that suits your needs.
Wedding Magician Gold Package
The Gold package includes two hours close up magic for in-between the courses or during the photographs, as well as an extra hour of meet and greet magic as your guests arrive.
Wedding Magician Platinum Package
The Platinum package is an elite option. The after-dinner show features either a forty-minute solo cabaret show, or an illusion show, offering a fantastic finale to your celebration. This package also includes an unforgettable piece of magic performed just for the bride and groom – the happy couple will be left with an incredible souvenir (and a fantastic memory) to remember their special day!

Wedding Magician Prices

There are a few factors which will determine how much a wedding magician will cost you…

The Length of Time Needed

The amount of time that you are booking a Wedding magician for will effect the cost. The usual booking time for a Close up Magician at a Wedding is between 2-3 hours and usually takes place either during the photographs or between the courses at the wedding breakfast.

If the cost of 2-3 hours is beyond your budget, a reduced fee for just an hour is available. Just enough time for Matthew to meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the Wedding reception. That way you can still have something amazing for your guests even if you’ve spent most of the money on that gorgeous dress!

The Number of Guests at the Wedding

You naturally want all of your guests to see the amazing wedding magician you’ve booked. Usually, a Close up magician can perform Close up magic for approximately one hundred people in the two-hour time slot, spending about five minutes with each group.

If you do have a large wedding of over one hundred guests, then you’ll need more than one Wedding magician to make sure everyone gets to see the magic.

Worry not! Everyone will get to see some incredible magic at your wedding. Matthew also works with some of the best Close up magicians in the country and can supply multiple magicians for those larger than life weddings. For more information, Contact Us.

The Travel Distance to Your Venue

Matthew is available for Weddings throughout the UK. Travel will be charged at a minimal rate of forty pence per mile.

The Cost of A Wedding Magician

The total cost of having Matthew perform at your Wedding depends on these factors, plus Matthew’s performance fee. Matthew is very competitively priced and is one of the only Magicians in the UK to offer a full Money Back Guarantee giving you piece of mind that you're getting the best value and the best Wedding Magician for your money.

The Fee may surprise you!

The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact Matthew and discuss your needs with him. Call now for a friendly chat or Get In Touch today to see how he'll make your Wedding extra special.


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