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A trade show magician can double your leads and send sales skyrocketing

Need to increase your leads and attract passing visitors with a show-stopping performance at your trade show? Looking for some trade show booth ideas that will blow the competition out of the water? Matthew McGurk can help to increase footfall on your exhibition stand and generate leads for any client, with his entertaining and memorable Close up magic.

Matthew custom writes a script for each company to get across key information to potential customers or buyers. From here, he’ll work his unique brand of magic and charm in order to ensure the trade show visitor is having fun – a happy visitor is a more receptive visitor, and more likely to become a potential lead.

Enjoy a torrent of traffic for heightened exposure

Deploying a magician of Matthew’s stature in this way is an incredibly effective way to increase exposure and brand awareness – you’ll enjoy a constant stream of new visitors to your stand, and Matthew will pass them all on to your marketing team for data capture or further discussions.

With branded magic giveaways and a range of packages to choose from, elevate your exhibition stand to the next level with corporate magician Matthew McGurk. Get in touch with the team today to discuss how Matthew could double your sales.

Make your product or service totally unforgettable with an exhibition magician

How does it all work?

If you hire Matthew to be your exhibition entertainment, he’ll perform four fifteen-minute shows every hour, to generate a constant stream of interested guests around your stand. Nothing draws in a crowd like an illusion or a magic trick!

These fifteen-minute shows help boost brand and product awareness, and when it’s over, all of the interested parties that have gathered around will be passed onto sales representatives, who will take care of the next steps while Matthew starts building a new crowd with his next fifteen-minute slot.

Let’s break it down with some stats.

  • If each fifteen-minute show Matthew performs attracts around 30 visitors, that’s a potential of 120 interested parties every hour.
  • If you hire Matthew for a five-hour slot at your exhibition stand, that’s as many as 600 people that have been passed over to your sales team.
  • If just half of those people sign up to your service, buy your product or register their details, that’s a total of 300 potential leads from five hour’s work. Now that’s a return on investment

Contact Matthew today to see how he can double your leads and help you meet your exhibition goals.

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