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Need to Hire a Magician Northampton?

If you have just been Googling ‘Magician Northampton’ then there is a good chance you may be overwhelmed by how many Magicians in Northampton there are!

If your looking for a professional magician that will give you outstanding service, excellent entertainment, wow your guests and have them talking about your event as the one to beat, then look no further.

Matthew McGurk is a former British Magic Champion, who has won over 10 awards of excellence for his magic.

He has even appeared on Prime Time National Television; performing for celebrities such as Rupert Everett on the Paul O’Grady show.

Matthew is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London and is one of only a handful of members that was actually invited to join after winning first prize in one of their international competitions.

Matthew is also one of the only Magicians in Northampton to offer a Money Back Guarantee.

He feels so confident in providing the excellent entertainment for your Wedding, private party or corporate event, that if you can’t agree that your guests have had the most amazing time, then he won’t take your money.

With a ton of celebrity testimonials and recommendations from some of the biggest companies in the UK, you can feel confident that you are booking one of the best Magicians in Northampton to amaze your guests. Matthew has a number of shows available, everything from smaller walk around Close up Magic for private parties or Weddings, to a large scale Illusion shows that will cause a sensation at the biggest corporate events.

He can also offer a superb one man show that packs small and plays to the biggest venues. It’s perfect for After Dinner Entertainment.

No matter how many people are at your event, or how large or small your venue is, Matthew has a show that will have maximum impact to give you the wow factor you’re looking for.

Close up Magician Northampton

Close up magic is perfect if your looking for small, close up, walk around magic to welcome guests at a Wedding, private party or smaller event.

A close up magician performs unbelievable magic right under your guests’ noses. You may have seen Close up magic like this before performed on Television by magicians like Dynamo.

Rest assured, there are no camera tricks here.

Your guests will be greeted to the event by Matthew performing some astonishing magic. It will break the ice and get them laughing and having a fantastic time from the second they arrive.

Your guests won’t believe it as forks bend in front of their eyes, their wrist watches disappear and a bottle penetrates a solid table top!

Highly visual magic that will having them gasping with amazement.

Close up magic can be used at anytime during your event to provide entertainment that’s bound to have your guests laughing and screaming with delight.

Because Matthew doesn’t require anything other than an enthusiastic audience, it makes close up magic the perfect, hassle free way to entertain your guests.

To find out more Click Here.

Table Magician Northampton

If your guests are seated at an event such as an awards night or dinner, then Matthew is also able to perform magic around the tables.

Your guests will see unbelievable magic performed right at their very table by one of the best table magicians in the UK.

Each table will receive their own 5-10-minute show of world class magic performed so close that it will look like trick photography!

Matthew will smoothly jump from table to table; between the courses to keep the conversation and entertainment flowing as your guests are in awe!

How did he do that!”

To find out more, visit the Close up Magician page.

Wedding Magician Northampton

Having a Magician at a Wedding is now becoming a very popular choice of wedding entertainment.

What better way to create a magical atmosphere and impress your friends and family by hiring Matthew to show them some unbelievable magic.

Its very easy to organise, and can be perfect to entertain your guests when they may be otherwise waiting around during certain parts of the day.

Matthew can welcome your guests as they arrive at the reception. Many of your guests may have never met before and it’s a great way to break the ice.

Perform incredible table magic in between courses at the Wedding Breakfast.

Entertain during the Wedding photographs of the Bride, Groom and immediate family, where your other guests may be waiting around.

Your photographer will also get the opportunity to snap those great reaction moments when people are amazed by the magic. Giving you some fantastic shots for the Wedding album!

Matthew’s smooth and charming style, along with his magic that is specifically created around the theme of love, will create an air of romance and magic to give your Wedding that fairytale feel.

To find out more, head over to the Wedding Magician page.

Northampton Magician Prices

Matthew does not include prices on the website because all bookings are different. To get an accurate quote, Matthew will just need a few bits of information:

• Location
• How Long You Require
• Number of Guests
• The Services you would like

He will then be able to give you an accurate quote for your enquiry.

Call Matthew on 07760 228602 to discuss your booking now.

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After Dinner Shows

Matthew can also offer a superb 30-minute show that is perfect for After Dinner Entertainment.

The show is full of Impossible mind reading, world class sleight of hand, comedy, audience participation and astonishing visual magic.

A highlight of the show even involves one of the VIP guests or who will get to tie up the beautiful Katia. You won’t even believe what happens next but this one will be talked about for years after, guaranteed!

This award winning show features the incredible routines that helped Matthew win over 10 awards for excellence in magic, including the title of British Magical Champion.

The show uses video cameras, projection and screens. With all of the action projected on to the large screens, it means everyone of your guests will chance to see the amazing show.

Perfect for both large and small venues. For more information, Click Here.

The Best Northampton or Your Money Back

A Money Back Guarantee is included with booking. If you can’t agree that your guests have had first class service and entertainment from start to finish, then you’ll get a full refund of your money.

Mathews simple risk free solution, the numerous awards and countless glowing testimonials from previous clients should assure you that you’re in booking one of the best Northampton Magicians.

What have you got to lose?

That’s why if your looking for a Magician in Northampton look no further.

You will not only be getting one of the best Magicians in Northampton but also a British Magical Champion and award winning magician.

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