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Magician Birmingham | Matthew McGurk

Looking for a Magician Birmingham?

If your looking for one of the best magicians in Birmingham for a Wedding, corporate event or private party then you have come to the right place.

Matthew McGurk is a British Champion Magician who specialises in providing out-standing magical entertainment that will leave your guests completely spellbound.

With a stack of over 10 national awards for excellence, credentials and celebrity testimonials to his name, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best Birmingham Magician for your event.

He is also one of the only Magicians in the UK to offer a Money Back Guarantee. It gives you assurance that you are hiring a professional that will give your guests the awesome entertainment you are looking for, or you won’t pay a penny.

Matthew is able to offer both large and small shows to suite all types of events in Birmingham. 

Do you need a Close up Magician to mix and mingle with your guests at a dinner or private party?

Do you need a stage magician to provide superb after dinner entertainment at a corporate event?

Matthew also has a full illusion show with fire breathers, angle grinders and Las Vegas grand Illusion. A show that is guaranteed to make your guests jaws hit the floor!

Matthew can provide magic that will guarantee your guests are thoroughly mind-blown and entertained, no matter how big or small your event is.

Your guests are going to be talking about the magic they have seen, long after your event is over!

Close up Magician Birmingham

If you're looking for a great way to greet your guests at a private party or smaller event, then a Close up Magician is a brilliant idea.

A Close up Magician can welcome your guests as they arrive at the venue and perform incredible jaw-dropping magic that will have them screaming and laughing with delight from the second they arrive.

A close up Magician performs magic up close, right under your guests noses, but they still won’t see how its done! Similar to the kind of street magic you may have seen performed by Dynamo on TV.

Your guests will be amazed as coins melt as they hold them in their hands, their wrist watches vanish and appear on Matthews wrist and their rings disappear to re-appear attached to Matthew’s car key fob!

Its a fun way to break the ice, helps your guests relax and ensures everyone is laughing, joking and ready to have a great time at your event.

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Table Magician Birmingham

If your guests will be seated at the event, such as a Dinner, then Matthew is able to visit each table between the courses and perform a short 5 - 10-minute act of incredible magic for each table.

Your guests will get their own private show and see £10 notes turn into £50 notes, wine glasses bend and melt in full view and even goldfish appear from nowhere! An unbelievable experience of magic for each and every table.

To find out more, visit the Close up Magician page.

Birmingham Wedding Magician

Looking for a Wedding Magician to perform some mind-blowing magic at your Wedding?

Having a Close up Magician at a Wedding is a fun way to make your Wedding truly magical. It’s a great hassle free choice for entertainment and can be a perfect solution to keep your family and friends entertained at key moments throughout the day when they may have to wait around.

Keep your guests entertained when they may be waiting around during the photographs

Welcome your guests as they arrive at the reception, helping to break the ice with guests who have never met before.

Perform incredible magic to each table in between the courses at the Wedding Breakfast to keep the entertainment and conversation flowing throughout the meal.

To find our more visit the Wedding Magician Page.

Birmingham Magician Prices

Matthew offer great value for money and is very competitive on price. When you are looking for Magician Birmingham, Matthew is sure to give you much more for your money.

Feel reassured with Matthew’s full Money Back Guarantee. If you can’t agree that your guests have had an unbelievable night of entertainment, then Matthew will give you an instant refund.

The Best Birmingham Magician or Your Money Back

Matthew is very proud of the first class service that he provides. With risk free solution to give you peace of mind that you are booking the best Birmingham Magician for your entertainment, what have you got to lose?

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Magic Circle

After Dinner Shows

Matthew can also provide an after Dinner show of up to 30 Minutes in length.

It’s a great way to round off the evening and finish with some first class entertainment that your guests are sure to love.

This award winning show features the incredible routines that helped Matthew win the title of British Magical Champion.

The show features incredible mind reading, comedy and world class sleight of hand magic. They will also see a table float high into the air and over the heads of the audience with no strings or wires in sight!

The show makes use of multiple cameras and projection, which means that everyone in the audience will get to see the magic.

Perfect for both large and small venues. For more information, Click Here.

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