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Illusionist FAQ

The Essential Guide to Booking an Illusionist for Your Event

Congratulations, you’re here because you are strongly considering booking an Illusionist for your event. You’re looking for the wow factor that is going to really make this event the best yet!

A great illusion show has all the potential of being the biggest and best show that you have ever booked, It’s fast paced, visually stunning and features unbelievable breath-taking illusions. It’s guaranteed to make a massive impact on your guests.

A Great Illusion Show Has All the Potential of Being the Best Show You Have Ever Booked

You may also realize that Illusionists don’t travel light! We bring with us a ton of equipment, and with a big show comes big responsibility! There are a number of factors that require careful planning in order to make it as simple as possible to have great illusion show at your event. They are:

  1. Planning Time
  2. Venue
  3. Staging
  4. Logistics
  5. Site Visit

Planning Time

When you’re planning to use an Illusionist for your event, time is probably your biggest concern. All things being perfect, it still takes a careful amount of planning in advance to make sure the performance runs smoothly on the day. Most Illusionists are bringing a ton of equipment, and so it takes clear communication between the venue, planner, stage designer and illusionist to make sure that all possible hiccups are taken care of before the event. Don't worry, everything you need to consider is listed here in this guide, you’re in good hands. Allowing yourself adequate time to plan the event makes sure that all these essential factors are considered so that everything runs smoothly.

Allow Time to Plan in Advance So That Everyone is Relaxed and Ready to Give A Great Show on the Night.


Probably the first question an Illusionist will ask you is the name of the venue. If they familiar with the venue they will know exactly what will work and can offer assistance in suggesting a show that is suitable. If they haven't worked there before, you can contact the venue or production team to find out the space available, and then co-ordinate with the Illusionist who will then be able to recommend a show that will create the maximum Impact with the space available.

Performance Space

When you’re looking at booking an Illusionist for your event, space is an important consideration. Illusion shows are so spectacular because of the shear magnitude of the show. We're not saying bigger is always better, but because an illusion show is usually booked for larger venues, you really need to fill that performance space to create something visually breathtaking that everyone can see. We recommend allowing a performance space of at least 30ft X 18ft, which is something that most illusionists could work with.


If you are working with a company designing the staging for the event, it’s essential at this point they know any requirements that the illusionist may have.

It's important to know the accessibility of the room from outside so the Illusionist can predict the time it will take to load the Illusions into the venue

We Would Usually Allow a Set up Time of Approximately 3 Hours for a 30 Minute Illusion Show


This includes getting the illusions into the venue, building them and a rehearsal with the stage technicians. Of course it depends on the technical nature of the show, so it is best to speak with the illusionist to get their estimation on the time needed.

You will also have to designate a space to store the illusions when they are not on the stage. If there is room behind the staging area then this is ideal, however it may also be possible to book an adjoining room that provides easy access to the stage and can also be used as a space for the illusions to be built and packed away after the show, without disturbing the rest of the evenings entertainment.

Most venues should be able to provide you with a floor plan, which will detail the performance space, seating, adjoining rooms as well as entrances and exits from the venue. The Illusionist should then be able to provide you with a fairly accurate time that it will take to set up the Illusions ready for the show.

Recently I worked for a client in London who’s set was over a metre high. At the early stage of planning it was obvious that the illusions would have to be lifted onto the stage just before the performance, which would be distracting for the guests, not to mention impossible for the stage technicians, as one illusion weighed over two hundred kilograms! Because we were at the early stage of planning, we were able to arrange a site visit to the venue and came up with the solution of building a small ramp into the set design at the back of the stage, which allowed the illusions to be wheeled up and onto the stage unseen by the audience.

Arranging A Site Visit is the Perfect Way to Plan for a Successful Show

Site Visit

Arranging a site visit to the venue with the Illusionist and set-designer (if applicable) prior to the event is a perfect way to plan how the illusion show will be coordinated on the night. It will also give all parties a chance to meet face to face and brainstorm any further ideas that will add to impact to the event. You can then discuss

  • How the Illusions will enter and exit the venue
  • How the Illusions will enter and exit the performance space
  • Where the Illusions can be built and packed down
  • Where the Illusions will be stored before the performance
  • Timings to set and clear the stage
  • How the show will fit with other events throughout the night
  • Use of Fire/Pyrotechnics


We hope this guide has useful in assuring you that with careful planning, you can have an incredible breathtaking Illusion show, without the stress! Speaking with an experienced an illusionist is your first step and so we would like to invite you to contact us for a free telephone consultation where we would be happy to offer our advice on what will create the biggest impact at your event.

If you would like further assistance in booking an Illusionist for your event, Give us a call on 07760 228602. We are here to help.

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