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3’500 Magicians to Attack Blackpool!

February must strike fear into the hearts of the locals of Blackpool as its at this time of year that they are attacked with over three thousand magicians wielding cards, coins and questionable objects made of sponge. However being one of this lot myself, I can’t be to harsh and its easily the highlight of the year for most of us.

Blackpool hosts what is always the most action packed, star studded magic convention in the UK with acts coming from all over the world to perform, compete and lecture about all things Hogwarts. I’ll be traveling up to the tropical climate of the north to seek inspiration from some of the worlds finest Illusionists and catch up with old friends. It looks to be a great weekend and I’ll be reporting all about the shenanigans of the sorcerers early next week. Now where did I put my thermals?