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FAQ’S When Booking an Illusionist/Magician | Matthew McGurk

How much?

Of course this is the number one question! Cost is a major deciding factor in choosing a magician or Illusionist. I don’t confess to be the cheapest magician available, but more importantly what I do offer is superb value.

I pride myself on proving a reliable service and an incredible experience of magic that has the wow factor your looking for. I don’t have a one size fits all price as each booking is unique and there are several factors that may affect the cost such as:

  • Duration of the performance
  • Do you require walk around Close up Magic, a one man show, or an illusion show?
  • Cost of travel to the Venue?
  • Accommodation required?
  • Is any advance planning required?
  • Will the venue require a site visit?

A wise man once said ‘Good magicians aren’t cheap, and cheap magicians aren’t good! Don’t let cost be the only deciding factor when you are looking for a magician or illusionist. You must also consider quality and time. You want to take the time make sure you get the best magician for your event, for your budget.

The best way to guarantee you get the best price is to give me a call for a friendly, no obligation chat. With over 10 years experience in providing magic for many different clients internationally, we can discuss what will work best for your event and negotiate something that give you the best experience for your budget. Only then can you be sure to give your guests the astonishing experience they deserve.

What kind of Magic do you perform?

I’m an Illusionist and Magician. This means that I specialize in providing Illusion shows, Close up Magic and One man shows for a wide variety of events. In what capacity I perform depends on what is best suited for the event in question. Please see below for a more detailed explanation of Illusionist and Close up magician.

Which Show will work best for my event?

Illusionist - An Illusionist performs large scale magic, generally using the big box style illusions that you may have seen in Las Vegas or on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent. An Illusionist also works with glamorous assistants making them appear, levitate and vanish at will.They require a large amount of space an therefore an Illusionist is best suited to larger venues and audiences of around 500 and above. Illusion shows are perfect for adding a real wow factor to any event and would be perfect for shows such as product launches, corporate events and trade shows.

One Man Show – The one man show is a big magic show that packs small. It won’t quite have the wow factor of the Illusion show with all those beautiful assistants, but it is larger scale magic completely self contained and suited for smaller venues that may not allow space for the Illusion show. It requires minimal space but but plays big and uses projection technology ensuring that nobody misses out on the magic.. Recently when performing on the cruise ship ‘Independence of the Seas’ for Royal Caribbean, it brought a packed theatre of 2000 to its feet. Best suited for those with smaller venues and budgets but still looking for that wow factor. Perfect for After Dinner Entertainment, Weddings and Product Launches.

Close up Magician – A Close up magician or table magician as they are also known, perform incredible sleight of hand magic at close quarters, the kind of magic that you may have seen performed on television by magicians such as Dynamo or David Blaine. This style of magic is so incredible because the magic happens right under the audiences nose. A Close up magician works best for small groups of 100 people or less. They mix and mingle with the crowd, performing table magic and are a great way to welcome your guests to an event. They perfect they are perfect for weddings, cocktail receptions, office parties and work great at gathering a large crowd at a trade show.

How Long are the Shows?

Working as a Close up Magician, the length of time at the venue is flexible and depends on what will work best for your event. A good guide would be 3 x 45 min sets of walk around magic, which works well in a variety of situations. The one man show and Illusions show are generally 30 – 45 minutes but can be less if required.

Which areas do you cover?

I’m based just north of London but also have a base in Manchester leaving me able to cover most of the UK very easily. A lot of my work is international and involves many overseas clients and so anywhere in the UK is considered local!. Pricing regarding travel expenses is based on travel time and distance but are priced at competitive rates. Please ask for a quote regarding my travel expenses for your venue.

How do I secure the date I need?

I simply require a 10% deposit to secure the date. Once the deposit is signed and the booking forms are completed, the date is blocked off in my diary and its all yours.

Are you Insured?

Yes, I have Public liability Insurance with Hiscox Insurance and am covered for up to £10.000.000. I also have additional insurance for performances involving fire. A copy of my certificates can be provided upon request.

Are you a member of the Magic Circle?

Yes I am a fully paid member of The Magic Circle in London, the worlds largest magic society. I have also been awarded the prestigious title of The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year.