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UK Illusionist Performs on the Largest Ship in Australia
May 26, 2016

As an Illusionist, I get the privilege to see a lot of the world. To be able to travel, share my passion of performing magic and get paid for it, I really do feel blessed indeed. Australia and New Zealand have always been two countries right at the top of my bucket list. The unbelievable landscapes have always appealed to me as a truly magical place. Recently I got a chance to see them in all their glory when I was invited to perform as an Illusionst on the Golden Princess for four months.

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The Independance of the Seas
Illusionist Performs on the Independence of the Seas
November 15, 2013

I’ll never forget the day 6 years ago when I was happily sailing along onboard a ferry that has just sailed out of Cork in Ireland. There was a moment when everything turned black and what I first thought was an eclipse turned out to be another ship blocking out the sun with its enormous size. That ship was the Independence of the Seas.

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