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Magic for One of the World's Greatest Travel Companies

Recently I was asked to perform some close up magic for the great guys at G Adventures. G Adventures are the world's greatest adventure travel company, who offer a wide range of safaris and expeditions to some of the most stunning destinations in the world. 

 A  magical south american landscape

Champagne, Canapés and a Close up Magician

Their event, which was held at the Grand Harbour hotel in Southampton, was a chance for them to showcase their wide range of amazing expeditions to over 220 travel agents and bookers. Their guests were treated to champagne, canapés and entertainment including a stilt walker, band and a certain close up magician!

Marketing by Close up Magic – A Genius Idea! 

The guys at G Adventures also had a fantastic idea and provided me with custom branded playing cards, which was not only a personal touch, but a genius idea to promote brand awareness. Armed with their custom branded cards, I would have a card signed by a guest, perform some unbelievable magic with their card only to give it to them to take home at the end as a souvenir. People do actually keep these cards for years and they will be showing this card to their family, friends a co-workers, all with their G Adventures branding on it. This is a great idea that could also be used at exhibitions to get an enormous amount of exposure!

 Close up Magician Matthew McGurk shows the branded playing cards for G Adventures

Adventurous Magic for G Adventures!

 At the event I was asked to mix and mingle amongst the guests, performing some of my favourite close up magic tricks. On this particular occasion, I was feeling pretty adventurous myself and so pulled out all the stops by making their watches vanish and appear on my wrist, reading their minds and even pushing a wine bottle through a solid table!

 Give your Grand Maximum Exposure with a Close up Magician

 If your looking for a great way to greet your guests at your event or even maximise your sales and increase you brand exposure by magic, then get in touch  today about using a close up magician at your next event.

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