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Corporate Entertainment FAQ

The ESSENTIAL Guide to Booking a Corporate Magician for Your Corporate Event

All Your Questions About Booking a Corporate Magician Answered Here!

  1. What Does a Corporate Magician Do?
  2. How Can a Corporate Magician Increase Sales and Brand Awareness?
  3. What Types of Events Do You Cover?
  4. What Shows Do You Offer?
  5. How Much Space Do You Require?
  6. Is it Difficult to Organize?
  7. How Much Will A Corporate Magician Cost Me?
  9. Are You Available for Our Event?

What Does a Corporate Magician Do?

A Corporate Magician specializes in providing incredible magic for various corporate events, and involves using magic either purely as entertainment or to help with marketing; generating an increase in brand awareness, leads and sales for your company.

A Corporate Magician can be used to:

  • Break the Ice at Networking Events
  • Create an original and show stopping way to introduce your new product
  • Increase your footfall and generate more leads at an exhibition
  • Make your MD or CEO appear by magic at an Awards Night
  • Provide show stopping entertainment at your Annual Dinner

How Can a Corporate Magician Increase Sales and Brand Awareness?

Companies are always looking for a new and original way to introduce their new product, its USP’s or get people to sit up and take interest in their brand. Using a corporate magician can be an incredibly powerful way to deliver your company message or product in a totally unforgettable way.

For more information on this, head over to the Trade show and Exhibitions page of the website and it will explain exactly how it all works! There is also PDF download that explains how using a corporate magician can double your leads and sky rocket your sales at your next exhibition or trade show.

What Types of Events Do You Cover?

Working as an illusionist and Close up magician, I’m able to offer both large show stopping illusion shows for larger corporate events or small close up magic for smaller bookings. These include:

  • Trade shows and Exhibitions
  • Product Launches
  • Awards Nights
  • Networking Events
  • Meetings
  • Annual Dinners and Parties

I have a wide variety of shows and services to cover all events. It’s just a matter of finding which service will have the maximum impact at your event.

What Shows Do You Offer?

Illusion Show

The Illusion show is 30 – 45 Minutes long and perfect for larger events such as awards nights, annual dinners or Christmas parties, the illusion show is best suited to larger venues and audiences over five hundred people.

The show is a dynamic and action packed production featuring breath taking illusions, beautiful aerial artists and daring fire performers that are sure to have your guests astonished.

We can also offer a fantastic introduction for your CEO or MD by making them appear by magic. It’s a fantastic introduction that is a great way to grab their attention. Its sure to be one of the highlights of your event.

See the Illusionist page for more details and video clips of the show.

Cabaret Show

The Cabaret show is a smaller 30 – 45 minute show packed with highly visual award winning magic. Parasols and cards appear out of thin air, people’s minds will be read and your guests will be spellbound as a table floats over their heads with no visible means of support!

There is also an absolute showstopper of an act that works great with the CEO of the company and will have everyone in hysterics! Be sure to ask about this one when you make your enquiry.

It’s a high impact show that requires very little set up and space, it packs small, plays big and packs a real punch. Perfect for smaller venues/stages or as an alternative to the Illusion Show.

Close up Magic

As a Close up Magician I’m able to offer close up magic that can work well incredibly well at a wide variety of corporate events.

Close up magic can be a great icebreaker at networking events, draw a huge crowd at an exhibition, or be a classy way to meet and great your guests at a meeting.

A Close up Magician is also a perfect way to greet your guests during a cocktail reception or keep them entertained during the courses of a dinner as they are waiting for the next course.

Close up Magic is usually booked in 2 slots however if your require more or less time its not a problem. The booking times are flexible and can be altered to suit your event.

How Much Space Do You Require?

Illusion Show

When you’re looking at booking an Illusionist for your event, space is an important consideration. Illusion shows are so spectacular because of the shear magnitude of the show. Bigger is not always better, but because an illusion show is usually booked for larger venues, you really need to fill that performance space to create something visually breathtaking that everyone can see.

We recommend allowing a performance space of at least 30ft X 18ft, which is something that most illusionists could work with. If your looking to book an Illusionist, head over to the illusionist page of the website. There you will find a download called ‘The Essential Guide to Booking an Illusionist.’ This will explain all the planning and logistics in detail.

Cabaret Show

All that is required for the Cabaret show is a microphone and a side table. The show has been performed on a stage as little as 10ft x 10ft.

Is it Difficult to Organize?

Close up Magician

A Close up magician is the easiest entertainment to organise because we require absolutely nothing. Everything we need is carried in our pockets and all we need is an audience and we are good to go! Its makes your life a lot easier!

Cabaret Show

Almost as easy as booking a Close up Magician. This show can work in most venues but its handy to know the stage size and layout of the room in advance.


The Illusion shows take a little bit more work, as there a few things that will need to be organized in advance. For larger corporate events booking looking to book an Illusionist, I have a PDF download here. This will give you a better idea of what we will need to plan in advance.

The best course of action is to get in touch and we can discuss your booking and work out all the details from there.

How Much Will A Corporate Magician Cost Me?

The reason I don't have prices on my website is because every enquiry is different and has different requirements. You'd be suspicious of a mechanic who gave you a price before looking at your car to see what was wrong!

Give me a call, I'm friendly and approachable and we can discuss your booking in detail. We can see what will work best for your event.

However let me make you a promise, and this is something that nobody else will offer you.


This is my guarantee to you. That if at the end of the event you don't agree that I had a great impact on your event, that your guests were thoroughly entertained and amazed, that my magic was a highlight of the night and that you would wouldn't hesitate to recommend me to others. Then you don't pay me a penny, that’s is my guarantee to you, that’s how confident I am with providing outstanding entertainment at your event and I’ll stand by it. What have you go to lose?

Are You Available for Our Event?

I'd love to hear from you, give me a call or email and we can chat about your event and make sure we give your guests an experience they will love and talk about for a very long time to come.

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