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One of the Greatest Sleight of Hand Artists Ever

Yann Frisch,  2012 World Champion of Close up Magic

Yann Frisch is a magician from France. In 2012 he competed in FISM the Word Championships of Magic with his now signature routine called Baltass. Not only did he become World Champion of Close up Magic, but in one week alone, a video of his sleight of hand had over 1.3 million hits on Youtube. 


Baltass - The Award Winning Act



The Creative Process

Yann Frisch is an artist, and by that I mean a true artist. When giving a talk at the EMC 2012 Yann went into detail about his creative process. When developing the act, he simply began to play, but not just with the cup and ball, but with character, movement, body position, mime and choreography. All of this comes across in Yann's performance, and elevates it beyond a magic routine, it's a great piece of theatre. He explains that he didn't even realise it as a Cup and Ball routine until a Close up magician made that comment! 


Yann Frisch performing Baltss


What! No Music? - Why?

Yann would always ask himself 'Why?' Why use cards, coins, why cut a girl in half? Because that's what magicians are supposed to do! An artist, by comparison is someone who has something to say. The only restriction to performing on-stage, is that you must appear on the stage, but other than that you have  a blank canvas, where anything is possible. 


Baltass is performed to silence. A lot of magicians asked 'why not use music?' He explained that as an artist, he doesn't have to! Why? Why? Why? Yann prefers to use the silence and create rhythms with his body, props and reactions to the magic that happens.


Advice on Thinking Artistically 

You must have something to say. Art is an expression of self, you can't achieve it by brainstorming a new way to do a standard magic trick. You must stop thinking like a magician, and start thinking like an artist, then a whole new world opens up. This is the hardest thing of all to achieve. Its the very reason why there are very few acts like Yann Frisch! 



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