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Peter Eggink Live At the Magic Circle

Close up Magician Peter Eggink

So it’s not very often that we magicians get to see each other work, and even more rare that we get a chance to learn the secrets of one of the most creative Close up magicians of the present day. That’s why I’m excited to say that tonight I will be attending a talk by Peter Eggink, a professional Close up magician from the Netherlands that will be sharing his secrets and giving a lecture on Close up Magic at the Magic Circle in London.

Though predominantly specialising in creating incredible close up magic that is used by professional Close up magicians worldwide, Peter has also worked as a consultant for stage illusionists such as Hans Klok and Christian Farla. A little know fact about Peter is that he has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the the longest time Table hopping, performing table magic for a whopping twenty four hours non stop!

The magic effect that Peter is best known for is a Trick called ‘Haunted’ A trick that any good close up magician should have in their repetoire! It was created by Peter and released by Paul Harris who supplies magic effects to close up magicians all over the world. It’s an incredible piece of close up magic that has something unbelievable happen with a pack of cards. Take a look at the clip below to see something truly Incredible! More to come...