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Jason Latimer | Close up Magician | Will Blow your Mind!

Jason Latimer is an  inspiring Close up Magician. Seen here performing the oldest trick in the world. He has completely re-invented it, now performing it in a way that definitely shouldn't work, using clear cups.

Even though you can see through the cups, You still can't see how it's done!

 The whole idea of this trick, and the way that Close up Magicians have done it in the past, is using opaque cups, so that the audience can't see when the magician sneaks the balls under the cups or takes them away. That's what blows my mind with this illusion, the cups are clear! You should be able to follow every single move, But no!

Even Professional Close up Magicians have no idea how he does it!



It's unbelievable. Its breath-taking, and it's not only me that thinks so. Back in 2002 Jason presented this illusion at F.I.S.M ( International Federation of Magic Societies) and not only won first place in his category as a close up magician, but was also awarded the highest honour in the magic world, the title of the Grand Prix World Champion of Magic.

Jason is one of only four American magicians to win the 'Best Overall' category at FISM.

This act alone has inspired many a Close up Magician to look at pushing the limits of old tired routines that have literally been around for centuries and create something new. Though few magicians can rival Latimer's creative and inventive ability, he's 'clearly' way ahead of his time!

For more information on Jason Latimer and his awesome magic, you can check out his website here

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