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Close up Magician Working on Material

Close up Magician reveals his latest work

Lately I’m working on securing more contracts as a close up magician. So lately it has occurred to me that I really need to get some new Close up Magic footage filmed for my website. Very soon there is going to many more videos of me out on contracts working as a close up magician. I’ll keep the site and blog updating with magic that I’m working on. Its a great way to receive feedback from you and see what people are really going for.

I was playing around with ideas yesterday and decided to post a few things on facebook. One routine got an overwhelming response from close up magicians all of the UK and I thought you may like to see it. It’s not my trick, but I do think that it will become a ‘go to’ effect when working as a Close up magician in walk around magic situations.

Let me know what you think and please share or retweet it, the more it gets around, the better feedback I receive. Hope you enjoy.

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