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Close up Magician Shin Lim Fools Penn & Teller!!!

Shin Lim Fools Penn & Teller on FOOL US!!!

Shin Lim. As you can see here is easily one of the greatest close up magicians in the world. But his greatest achievement here isn't fooling Penn and Teller, really that is just the tip of the iceberg...

For the non magicians who haven't heard of Shin Lim before, the guy is a creative genius who continually produces some absolutely outstanding routines. He has toured the world lecturing and performing with his original ideas and creations. 'The Dream Act' presented here on Penn & Teller Fool Us, is a fantastic achievement that was also recently seen at FISM Italy 2015, the World Championships of Magic.

Close up Magician Shin lim

The act which fooled Penn & Teller is seamless from start to finish and goes beyond being simply another close up magic routine, it's a dramatic and compelling piece of theatre. It has both suspense and surprise, that from start to finish takes us on a journey of incredible sleight of hand where each effect becomes more impossible than the next. The pacing of the act is superb, starting slowly, building suspense as the effects become more frequent towards the end of the act, which concludes with a logical finish, the pack disappears.  The construction and performance of this act and all of its many fine details I'm sure will be an inspiration to many Close up Magicians out there.

Congratulations to Close up magician Shin Lim raising the bar for magicians everywhere, producing an absolutely beautiful piece of theatre and most importantly: Fooling Penn & Teller!    

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